5 Best Free ATS Systems for tech hiring 

An Applicant Tracking System has a short form of ATS that is helpful in saving any business money, time and effort in a recruitment process. Unluckily, the system usually comes at a price of its own. The organizations that are running small-scale businesses and carry limited budgets, we’ve accumulated a list of 7 free applicant tracking systems for your recruitment in 2022.

What is an ATS?

ATS, which means Applicant Tracking System, is a software application that allows employers and agencies to manage their recruitment process efficiently and effectively. Here by using technology, candidate flow and interpersonal communication. An ATS can also help coordinate hiring teams, streamlining the hiring process and making improvements to the experience for everyone involved. An ATS should meet the requirements. This system requires less budgeted cost, and if the company is seeking a free system, they can even take a hand on ATS.

1. ImeJob - https://imejob.com/

ImeJob forever free plan helps the candidate to perform management, email management, interview scheduling, and a custom career site. The ATS system is, however, limited by the amount of job board postings. The simple resume search is permitted and provides a total of 5 email templates.

2. SmartStart

SmartRecruiters’ SmartStart ATS was built specifically for a group of people and smaller organizations. This system can support the features like an unlimited number of users, multi-board job posting, one-click apply, schedule management tools, candidate database management, a customized career site and collaboration across teams. SmartStart ATS is confined to 10 active job postings at a time.

3. Recooty

Recooty’s ATS is ideal for businesses that are small-scale, with only one person doing the recruiting. The single-users can even utilize the basic services for free. Their basic plan offers a total of 3 active job posts, job widget integration, a branded careers page, and applicant tracking. They also hold the ability to share jobs on social networks.

4. RecruitEze

RecruitEze ATS allows for an unlimited number of jobs on a monthly basis. But the free services are limited. Their starter plan allows only for single users and supports up to 500 candidates. This does not include a custom careers page, candidate workflow, online job applications, and bulk resume uploads.

5. Freshteam

Freshteam offers a variety of services within its free ATS. This ATS is also suitable for small organizations. It allows for up to 3 published job postings, a basic career site, e-mail integration, applications via email, employee referral, employee directory and applicant tracking through Kanban Boards. It is intended for organizations that consist of around 50 employees.

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