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Our goal:
“Fuel your success with tailored IT staffing solutions - expertise that propels your business forward”
Our core offerings for Job seekers

IMEJOB helps in getting you hired faster with our pool of recruiters by doing the perfect match making based on your skills and availability in terms of salary and location.

Directly chat with Employer

Once job seeker applies to any job automatically a chat window is created between the admin, job seeker and employer and it gets closed only when the job application status changes to either cancelled or cleared or rejected.

Customized Job matchmaking

We use AI based algorithm to find the best job available for a particular candidate based on previous work experience or required skill set and we notify the same to both the employer and candidates.

Track Each job application

The candidate can know about all the stages of the interview from the portal or Via Email notification. If the candidate wants to adjust interview timings and other details can connect us easily.

About Immediate Jobs
IMEJOB helps in sourcing right talent for the Employer who can join immediately. We have a pool of recruiters who works dedicatedly to find the candidates who is suitable and can join immediately.

We use AI based fuzzy logics search algorithm to filter right candidates and can apply only if they qualify the basic Screening Questionnaire round. In order to respond to the increasingly complex demands of today's businesses, we have created a dedicated AI based search used by our recruiters to cater to the requirements of the Software and Technology Industry. Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of the latest development technologies in the industry. We specialize with recruiting talent for early startups and product companies.
What our 1,000+
love about Us
Get immediate
joiners available

We help in providing immediate joiners so that the position can be fulfilled with no waiting time.

Get Tech candidates
across all skill set

In software there are more than 200 + skills available we try to get the candidates across all skill set and experience level from Junior Developer to CTO

Get only
matched profiles

We use AI based algorithm so that only matching profiles we allot to the employer this helps them in reducing the turnaround time for recruitment.

The most recommended Hiring Platform for Tech candidates by the HR community

Chat & CRM Facility

IMEJOB CRM helps to fill the jobs faster by connecting with candidates through an automated email campaign and managing the candidate‘s application eliminating the manual application which takes a lot of time. The CRM allows you to source the best talent from within the talent pool by allowing candidates to join and can also evaluate already interested candidates from the talent pool who may not have been considered in the past due to limited availability.

For a recruiter, it’s important to build relationships between Employers and Candidates for better communication and to establish a trust factor that will help in the hiring. IMEJOB Cloud CRM for recruiters allows Hiring Managers to reduce time and increase in productivity.

Interview Tracker

The Employer can assign the interview work to unlimited TECH and HR Panel by creating separate login account for them. When the interview is scheduled for candidate the panel is mapped to the candidate who is going to take the Technical or HR interview. The candidates along with the panel and admin will get mail notification with the interview link and timings.

The IMEJOB Calendar is built-in to your personal dashboard so Panel and HR can easily view the day’s (or week, or month) schedule. This functionality is designed to make the process of Scheduling interviews, especially those with multiple interviewers, as streamlined as possible.

Internal HR or External Hiring Vendor Management

IMEJOB has vendor management feature where Employers can add Hiring Vendors who helps in sourcing talents for the employers as per the job vacancy. The Vendor can login using credentials and can add candidates as per the Job post. The employer can manage all the vendors in a single platform and can also track the application of the candidates. The vendor can also see the status of the candidates from a single window.

Vendor Management System streamline and automate time-consuming tasks, and increase the efficiency in hiring. They can track all the job post posted by employers along with the job title and job type on which they need to work.